As a young man, J.C. Joyce started in the trucking and paving industry while working for his uncle, Homer Hazelwood. In 1975, J.C. began his own business enterprise as a hauling contractor. Two years later in 1977, J.C. added paving as a prime service. Shortly after, the company was incorporated in 1981. Since those early years, J.C. has expanded the company considerably. It has grown into a company that offers a long list of products and services, including the recent addition of asphalt production. Clients have included federal organizations such as; the FFA and The Army Corps of Engineers, state organizations such as; VDOT, commercial groups such as; Wal-Mart, Subway, and Walgreens, and private groups such as; small businesses and individuals. J.C. Joyce Trucking and Paving Co., Inc. has provided quality services for over 40 years in Patrick, Henry, and surrounding counties and areas in Virginia and North Carolina. We have always been and continue to be family owned and operated. Trust us for a quality job on your next investment.

Why Choose Us?

As a consumer, we recognize that you have the option to gather competitive pricing quotes for your next investment project, whatever it may be, and to choose your contracting company. This is the main determining factor in the success, efficiency, and end cost of your project. We acknowledge this and appreciate you considering us as the right contractor for you and your project.

Whatever your construction project may be, we are equipped to perform the work. We offer land clearing, excavation, demolition, grading, total site preparation, stone installation, contract hauling, surface treating, and asphalt construction; new, resurface, or repair. In fact, think of us for everything "from driveways to highways".

As you decide on which contractor you will choose for your project, please consider us; here is a list to help answer the question, "why choose us?"

  • Established in 1975
    In those years since, we have been The Contracting Company of the specific trucking and paving vocation in the local area. Since that initial year, we have built a very diverse portfolio of projects. We have been chosen time and time again because we are a company that offers complete scope(s) of work, outstanding value, and a reputation of quality and professionalism.
  • Licensed Contractor
    We are licensed in both Virginia and North Carolina. Our licenses are proudly displayed in our office, and would encourage you to visually inspect them at your convenience.
  • Family Owned and Operated
    We are a company that boasts a 2nd generation of family operators and ownership. Within the ranks of the company, we employee several members of our extended family as well as a number of great friends.
  • Skilled, Knowledgeable Crews
    Unlike the large companies that are now present in the area that seemingly have a "revolving door" for hiring and firing employees, we have retained the majority of our employee work force for many years. We believe you must strive to provide a favorable working environment and we treat our employees as well as we would wish to be. This has led to a large number of retained employees that have been very loyal to their work and our company. Our crews have honed their skills over decades of employment and consistently produce expert work and craftsmanship.
  • Equipped To Do the Job
    We keep a diverse equipment inventory, so we have the appropriate resources to perform the work the using the correct method and with current equipment that allows us to work efficiently.
  • Self-Sufficient
    With the exception of sealcoating work, we generally perform all work in-house. We also produce our own asphalt blends via batch plant, so we have control over our material(s) as well. This advantage leads to better scheduling, fewer time lapses, and better quality control.
  • Commercial Grade, Standards
    We build projects to Virginia Department Of Transportation standards. In fact, our current general superintendent is retired from VDOT with a very successful career. We know VDOT standards and specifications for every step of the project construction. We will follow protocol and build the job the right way. Other contractors may tend to scoff at science-backed VDOT standards and specifications or simply be unfamiliar with them, so you may not be getting an appropriate grade construction from another contractor.
  • No Corner-Cutting
    We price, plan, and perform work using only the best industry-proven techniques, quality materials, and fine workmanship.
  • Professionalism
    We continually take pride in our professional approach to the work we contract. You will work with true industry professionals from design of project concept, to the end product. We value you as a client, as well as your time, so we will exhaust any accessible resource for you and make sure your project remains a priority to us.
  • Stellar Reputation
    Since our initial business year in 1975, we have earned a very reputable name for ourselves. We earned that honor by conducting our business in a method that was very satisfying to our customers and associates. We have a reputation at stake, so when we take on your project, we will strive to please you on all aspects that we may control. We also hope that when your project is finished, we will have earned you as a life long customer and you will continue to synonymously use our name with value, quality, and professionalism.

  • All Contractors Are Not Equal
    Be cautious that the other quotes you may gather are similar and comparable to the one we may prepare for you. In an effort to gain projects, other contractors may "trim" their jobs of much needed equipment, processes, methods, or materials. All these aspects can seriously compromise the quality of work and erase any gains of investment margins. A job done right will last you for years to come versus a lesser quality job that may demand much more maintenance, repair, or additional cost. This can quickly surpass the original work cost. Please remember price does not necessarily equate to value.

We hope we have answered any questions or concerns you may have with respect to "why choose us?" and hope you learned some things about the construction process and why choosing an appropriate contractor for a sound investment is paramount. Thank you for taking time to research and understand what makes us an industry leader and how we can better serve you. We remain optimistic that you will afford us an opportunity to quote your next project and ultimately wisely choose us as your contractor.